OK, so clearly this site is still under construction. I hope to get more of it done over the weekend. Anyone who thought yesterday’s update of a character profile was kind of a rip of, firstly, I kinda agree with you. The initial plan was to have a cover for chapter 2 of My Lil’ Zombies, but I couldn’t think of one. Secondly, I think I more than made up for it with this update, which is essentially three updates.

Claptrap Films was one of the more recently rejected comics I’d submitted to Zuda. This prologue wasn’t part of the submission, but I’m so proud of the synopsis I wanted to put it together for you in some way. It really sums up the tone of the comic perfectly. It’ll be a little while before I start updating Claptrap regularly, but it’s next in cue after chapter 3 of Modern Day Witchdoctor